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final-boy said: "Mr. Don! Golly I sure am glad t'see ya I mean I know we don't talk often or anythin' but I did miss seein' your face around ya handsome devil. What've ya been up to?"

"Did you now Mr.Al? Well,at least one of you did."

1 year ago on December 25, 2012

((oh.So Don being a mafia boss = not really being considered a Onceler = never really was part of the fandom.
then when i go on hiatus there happens to be a friggin’ Onceler mafia AU.

really,guys? i am this close to being done with the fandom. 


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Don-Onceler/Zombie-ler RP fic (Part 8) 


“I’m weak? Caring about someone and wanting them to like me makes me weak?” he clamped his hands down either side of the arms on don’s chair, leaning forward teethed barred before the older male while black flecks sparked up in his iris, the virus visibly apparent now as it swam below the depths, the serum keeping hold, for now.

“I fucked up, I know I did. But You’re worse, you’re so much worse. You try and hide everything, all emotions, I might be rotting on the outside but everyone can tell you’re festering away inside. You think I haven’t seen it? Those times you slip up? let the wall crack just for a second? You’re a spoilt brat Don. Word it how you want but you’re just a little kid, a little kid with too much power, acting how he thinks he supposed to, acting like he doesn’t feel, thinking he’s better then everyone around him” his voice got louder now, fingers starting to dig in the surface of the woodwork regardless of the lack of claws, the subtle sound of splintering mahogany cracking out around them.

“At least I have the fucking balls to admit I have feelings, unlike you. It doesn’t make me weak, wanting to make someone happy, wanting to make YOU happy, doesn’t make me weak!” he was screaming now, suddenly drawing his head back and cracking his forehead down sharply against Don’s revenge for the punch the other had delivered to his jaw minutes before.

“Stop acting up to this stupid persona and god damnit tell me if you like me or not!”

"What the fuck.” The mafia boss hissed as pain spread through the front of his skull.One hand gripping the side of his head and the other holding onto the splintered pieces of wood that was once known as his chair’s armrest.”What the fuck.” he repeated again,groaning quietly.Then,it was quiet,no more groaning,just the intake and outtakes of puffs of breath from both Zombie and the Don…Until the older man started chuckling.Quietly at first,eventually rising in volume and turning into a full fledged laughing fit as the Don threw his head back,a very much confusing turn in events to Zombie’s eyes,whom just stared at the man with his head slightly tilted to the side.

"You just don’t know when to stop." Don chuckled,this one coming out in a lower tone,dangerous and menacing,and before the younger male could retort,his head was gripped in a large leather-gloved hand and slammed down onto the large mahogany desk,a thundering boom resulting from the impact.
Hoisting Zombie’s upper body further up the desk,the youngster too stunned to fight back at the moment,the mobster took his time in adjusting their positions so as to pin Zombie down on the table,leaving no room for escape or much fighting back.
The other was practically drooling on the table as he lay face down,stars swimming before his vision,barely registering the husky whisper that sounded in his head,”I think,” a hand smoothed down Zombie’s sides,tracing the subtle indents of his ribcage and then harshly slipping down his crotch in a firm but intentionally pain-enticing squeeze,”You’re pushing your luck,Zombie.” The name was spat out with much sarcasm,”I’d like to hear a reason why I shouldn’t have your balls cut off right now.” 

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“Alright, thanks.” the high-roller said simply, his attention turned upon the cigar he had been given. Thank goodness, really… He was a bit more addicted to these things than he cared to admit, just like all his other vices. Settling comfortably on the couch with his legs taking up most of the space, he took in the pungently sweet smoke. His sigh of contentment was a grey cloud, dispersing slowly into the air. The time spent in his boss’ company was drawing to a close, and yet he did not feel like saying a word. No doubt he wouldn’t be of any use until he was fully healed. The thought was slightly depressing. Going back to his “conventional” job would feel like torture, no doubt. But still, patience — something he lacked a lot of  — would be required. It would be best to use that time to prepare himself for whatever would come next, as he had decided before.

“So it’ll be a while, right? I’m gonna miss ya, boss.” he commented half-jokingly between drags on his cigar. The other would probably have nothing to say in response to that, but it didn’t hurt to vocalize it anyway. He wanted the older once-ler to know that, despite the overwhelming strife that had arisen from this meeting, it did not sway Gamble-ler’s views. Yes, it probably didn’t make much sense, and he was aware of that. 

“You will,huh?” The Don smirked at the confession,letting loose a lungful of cigar smoke,his own joining the Gamble-ler’s in giving the hotel suite a musky scent.”I’d take my time resting those feet if…” he paused mid-sentence,reaching towards the Gamble-ler and plucking a small piece of fallen cigar wrapping from the other’s robe and placing it into an ashtray on the crystal coffee table,”If I were you.” The sudden gesture of what could be considered gentleness,or caring,even,from someone like the Don,seemed to stir something inside of the younger male,but he brushed it away to continue listening to the man talk.”Pretty damn dangerous business this is…” then Don shook his head and chuckled to himself,”Says he’ll miss me.” before breathing in another puff of nicotine into his system.
As he’d said,the Don had arranged for a limo to send the Gamble-ler home,sending along one of the twins just as an extra precaution.Gamble-ler practically had to push the Don off him just so he could walk out of the hotel lobby on his own two feet instead of having being carried into the car by the mafia boss,which,he deemed way too intimate considering their current relationship. Not to mention he didn’t want the whole hotel witnessing him in such an embarrassing position.

But,being the man of status that he is,the Don had promptly put on his cold mask once again as soon as they were out of the privacy of the hotel suite.Merely standing at the hotel door watching the Gamble-ler being escorted into the limo to make sure,with not so much as a goodbye. Nevermind telling the other plans of what was to come.

A little more than a month passed before an very impatient Gamble-ler finally received the call he’d waited for,and with a quick ask about his wounds,he had found himself ordered to pack his bags, his name having been booked on a flight next week to Japan.

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pickupler said: "Touche. I'm Picks, It's a pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine."


1 year ago on November 29, 2012
Anonymous said: "Do you want to make some Bacon pancakes Mr Don?"

"…Not at the moment,no.And I prefer my pancakes plain with butter and honey."

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{ So I guess now is as good of a time as any to post this. For those of you not following my RP with the Don Once-ler, this won’t make any sense. For those of you in the know, this is just after Gamble-ler is saved from the yakuza. Yeah, this is something that actually exists on a piece of paper rather than just an image file. I can’t SAI for the life of me.
I hope it looks alright. -fretfretfret-}


{ So I guess now is as good of a time as any to post this. For those of you not following my RP with the Don Once-ler, this won’t make any sense. For those of you in the know, this is just after Gamble-ler is saved from the yakuza. Yeah, this is something that actually exists on a piece of paper rather than just an image file. I can’t SAI for the life of me.

I hope it looks alright. -fretfretfret-}

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Anonymous said: "Well many of the other Once-lers have been called youngsters when being compared to you so I was just curious"

"Let’s just say I’m old enough to call most of them youngsters then."

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pickupler said: "Giving me an Australian kiss! It's like a french kiss, but down under~"

"I just might consider it…If you had a pair of lips ‘down under’."

  -  ((i can't believe i just typed that.

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pickupler said: "You should smile~ Its the second best thing you can do with your lips."

"Oh? What’s the first?"